NeoBase Magnet System

The NeoBase magnet system is based on a powerful NdFeb ring-magnet to maximize the force. It gives an excellent BL symmetry in an acoustically transparent designed compact magnet system. Heavy copper rings mounted above and below the T-shaped pole piece reduce non-linear and modulation distortion and increase overload margin. The resulting design means cone coloration is virtually eliminated producing a more open and natural sound.


Spider ring

SEAS Spider RingĀ® Technology, The Spider RingĀ® consists of a stiff injection moulded ring, spider, voice coil, lead out wires and terminal. All parts are then meticulously selected and matched before being glued together as a sub assembly. By keeping these critical components aligned tighter tolerances can be achieved. This sub assembly can then be fixed to a magnet system, and enable measurement of the impedance and critical test parameters like the resonance frequency, the damping in the spider, Re and the inductance in the voice coil before assemble of the driver. By using this system we are able specify greater precision and tolerances on drive units thus reducing the risk of slight differences from driver to driver.

spider ring


Dynaweave is a high tech composite material used in all MAD active monitors for bass drivers. This material is a gel spun multifilament fiber that combines both a high modulus as well as a high sonic velocity. These properties allow us to manufacture a cone that is incredibly light yet retains the piston effect of a much heavier cone without the stored energy that can blur the reproduction of low and midrange frequencies