The New Wave of Studio Monitirs " MIX March 2017 "

March 3rd 2017

MIX article about the New Wave of Studio Monitors

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Mount Olive High " MIX February 2017 "

February 7th 2017

MIX article about Modern Audio Deisgn MAD-Max install at Mount Olive High School, NJ

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Outfitting a Rock'n'Roll High School " ProSound News October 2016 "

October 5th 2016

ProSound News article about Modern Audio Deisgn MAD-Max install at Mount Olive High School, NJ

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Passive vs DSP Based Crossovers and “Hearing the Convertors”

January 5th 2016

When we started to design the MAD-MAX the decision to use DSP based crossover filtering was because we believe this is the best solution for modern active monitor systems. Although the final product uses DSP the initial design work was all done using passive filters. Once the passive design was finished the complex task of re-creating this into the digital domain was commenced.

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Vintage King Audio demonstrating the MAD-MAX

September 28th 2014

Vintage King Audio will be demonstrating the MAD-MAX at the VKLA store during the 137th AES be sure to stop by and check them out if your in town for the 137th AES Convention

The 137th AES will run from 9th-12th October in Los Angeles

Vintage King Audio

August 18th 2014

Modern Audio Design is pleased to announce our partnership with Vintage King Audio for Distribution of all Modern Audio Design Monitors.

Vintage King Audio is the premiere Pro Sales company in the USA and we couldn't think of any one better to exclusively handle the MAD range of Active Monitors.

Contact VK sales for more information on when and where you can audition the MAD-MAX


July 10th 2014

We took the pre production MAD-MAX to Ron Saint Germain’s Studio and spent the afternoon with him. Below is his first take on the MAD-MAX

I've been an exclusive user of the ProAc Studio 100's for 22 years. When I must travel for work, they ALWAYS travel with me. I have a lot invested in Marc Levinson Cello amplification (250 watts per side) and my interconnects are the Reference Cables by Transparent Audio. With all this and the custom road case to move them around the world safely, I have approximately 30K invested in the entire near field setup.

Like most other producer/engineer/mixers, I NEVER stop checking out the competition in search of the best gear possible (even if I can't afford it, I STILL want to HEAR it for myself!). I have NEVER, EVER heard a self powered monitor that I could ever totally relax with, trust or enjoy.

I have listened to literally hundreds of other setups in the 22+ years I have worked on my beloved ProAc system and have never heard ANYTHING meet or beat them. Over this time I have become friends with Richard Gerberg, the exclusive U.S.A. importer for the ProAc line for 30 years (and the replacement drivers, which are only recently available through Vintage King Audio), as well as Graeme Bridge who was with ProAc as the Assistant to the Chief Designer of their higher end line of Mastering quality monitors for the past 15 years.

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